Leaders to Success

Thomas Edison High School has a leadership team that is dedicated to supporting all students and staff.

  • Awilda Ortiz – Principal
  • J. Roskos, Assistant Principal
  • T. Sanford-Spencer, Assistant Principal
  • A. Tolliver, Assistant Principal
  • E. Briganty, Conflict Resolution Specialist
  • M. Mathers, Special Education Liason
  • M. Neilio, ESOL Coordinator
  • M. Rodriguez-Melendez, Secretary
  • P. Whitman, Academy Leader/Freshman Academy
  • A. Rowe, Academy Leader/Construction & Engineering Academy
  • G. Mills, Academy Leader/Communications Academy
  • S. Wade, Academy Leader/Health & Hospitality Academy
  • D. Bassett, Academic Teacher Leader
  • A. Owen, Academic Teacher Leader
  • C. Cesarone, Roster Chair
  • C. Simonds, Athletic Director
  • D. Meischke, Dean