What You Should Know

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CELL PHONES/ELECTRONIC DEVICES – Students are not permitted to have cell phones or electronic devices in school. The first time a student is found to be in possession of a cell phone or other telephonic devices, it will be confiscated and returned only to the parent.

COMPUTER USAGE POLICY – According to the School District’s Computing and Internet Acceptable Use Policy, the District’s computer network, including the Internet, cannot be used to access material that is profane or obscene, that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people.  Violations will be handled according to the Code of Student Conduct.

EARLY DISMISSAL -Early dismissals will be honored only by an adult reporting into the main office with a valid Driver’s License or State ID.  This adult must be listed on the student’s profile.  Early dismissals before 10:00 AM will result in the student being marked absent, and an excuse note must be sent with the student upon return. No early dismissal after 2:00 PM.

I.D. CARDS – Students must wear their I.D. card at all times.  I.D. cards are key for student movement throughout the building.  New students will be issued a card early in the school year.  Lost I.D. cards can be replaced at a charge of $5.00.  Any student reporting to school without their I.D. will be charged $1.00 for a temporary I.D.

HALL PASSES – Students may be excused from class only if it is an emergency.  Pupils excused from regularly assigned classes must have written permission from the teacher whose class or activity they are leaving.   Students are not to be in the halls without the official Edison/Fareira hall pass and an I.D. card.  If groups of students are to be excused, such as teams, these announcements will be made to all teachers via the P.A. system or email.

LATENESS AND ATTENDANCE – Students are expected to be in their first-period class by 7:30 AM.  Students enter through designated doors and swipe the I.D. card through the automatic attendance scanner. Late students must report to the cafeteria, present their I.D. Late students will remain in the cafeteria until the beginning of the next class. Any student admitted late into the school must bring a parent.  Students who are absent must bring a note from a parent or guardian to be credited with an excused absence within 3 days of returning to school.  Any absence period longer than 3 days requires a doctor’s note.

DISCIPLINE OFFICES, PROCEDURES, AND DETENTIONS – Students will be referred to the Dean’s Office that serves their Academy for violations of the Code of Student Conduct.  If a parent conference is required, students will not be admitted into the building until the parent conference takes place.  If a detention is assigned, the student will be provided with a detention slip indicating the date, time, and location of the detention.  Any student who receives a suspension will be provided with a letter for the parent indicating the specific violation of the Code of Student Conduct as well as the date and time of the reinstatement conference which the parent/guardian must attend.

DISCIPLINE ISSUES INCLUDING ACT 26 VIOLATIONS – Students who cut classes, disrupt classes, fight, steal, threaten students or teachers, use foul language, or participate in any activity that is disruptive to our educational program or positive learning environment will be dealt with according to the guidelines in the Code of Student Conduct.  Referral to the police and legal charges will occur in cases of possession of narcotics, alcohol, weapons, drinking, disorderly conduct, theft, assault, vandalism, graffiti, and other serious offenses.  A violation of Act 26 of the state legislature will result in an arrest, suspension, transfer, and possibly expulsion.  Act 26 violations include possession or use of a weapon, drugs or alcohol or any other act of violence on school property including willful injury to any person.

HALL SWEEPS – Hall sweeps are conducted on a random basis each day throughout the school year.  Students who are caught in the hall without permission will be brought to the discipline office for disciplinary action.  Any student moving in the hallway during any class period must have an official Edison/Fareira High School hall pass with the teacher’s signature, destination, the current time, and his/her school I.D.

SEPTA TRANSPASSES – The Department of Transportation Services Scheduling Department determines student eligibility for Transpasses based on specific criteria. Information can be found HERE. SEPTA is phasing out the weekly Transpass and replacing it with a SEPTA Student Fare Card for all eligible students. Students who are determined by the School District to be eligible for weekly free transpasses can receive their SEPTA Student Fare Card during their advisory period.

STUDENT PARKING POLICY – In order to park a car in the student/visitor lot, a student must have written permission from a parent.  The note should include the model and color of the car and should state that no passengers will be transported in the car unless authorized by the administration.  The student must also present a valid drivers license, registration card, and property damage insurance to the Principal (Room 105) in order to receive permission to park or operate a car on school property.  This parking permit must appear in the front window of the car.  Students are permitted to park only in the student/visitor parking lot which must be entered from Luzerne Street.  Students are not to enter through the Hunting Park Avenue driveway.  Students are not to use cars during the school day.  Applicable traffic laws, rules, and regulations must be observed at all times.


ANTI-BULLYING – Thomas Edison High school believes that all students have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. Our community has an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance. Thomas Edison High School will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety of any student. A student shall not intimidate, harass, or bully another student through words or actions. Such behavior includes (but may not be limited to): direct physical contact, such as hitting; verbal assaults; and social isolation or manipulation. The School District of Philadelphia uses the Safe2Say Something program to teach students how to identify warning signs and provide a safe place to say something before it is too late. Students are able to make anonymous tips through the app, online, or via telephone call. Learn more about the Safe2Say program here.